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San Domenico School News & Events

US Students Readying for New Theatre Production

It was an exciting day for high school theatre students, as our cast of 24 masked and vaccinated thespians sat down for the first reading of On the Razzle, a renowned comedic play by Tom Stoppard. Students went through three days of auditions and callbacks to earn their roles in the show, currently slated to premiere in November. 

The first rehearsal for any stage production, the all cast read-through (or "table read"), gives everyone in the cast a feel for the whole show, even if they're only on stage for one scene. It helps the actors with continuity, and builds camaraderie among the entire cast.

This initial read-through was attended by the stage manager, Senior Griffin Holland, who read aloud the stage directions and settings described in the script, as well as a few of the show's technical theatre students, who took notes throughout the process. The students all showed great professionalism, and we are excited to see where they take the play, as preparations unfold over the next two months.

We hope you enjoy an early peek into the play, riddled with slapstick humor, mistaken identities, and relationship entanglements. We applaud the opportunity for students to do what they love doing, and look forward to the premiere!

      Hannah Ozeran, Technical Director of Theatre Arts