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San Domenico School News & Events

Upper School Teacher Chosen for National Constitution Day Celebration

Upper School Social Studies and Applied Economics Teacher Kathy Hagee was one of just three teachers nationwide who was invited to participate in a live streaming celebration of Constitution Day, hosted by the Bill of Rights Institute (BRI). The 2021 theme was Liberty and Equality. Constitution Day Live! Is a streaming event with live chats with educators, as well as recorded sessions and in-class components to promote the study of the Constitution and Constitutional issues.
"I was invited to participate in the day's programming to discuss what Liberty and Equality look like in my classes," shared Ms. Hagee. "I am a Master Teacher with BRI and I have served on their Teacher Council in the past. It means a lot to be involved with promoting civic education around the country. I am extremely passionate about its importance and Constitution Day is one of my favorites days of the year. I am very thankful to the BRI for the support they give to teachers and students. It was a pleasure to give back to BRI and help them get the message out."
In discussing her role as a Social Justice teacher here at San Domenico, Ms. Hagee shared, "I encourage my students to do the work so they are equipped with the skills they need to ask the hard questions. But I also try to encourage them to think and identify realistic need gaps and go out and try to create a positive impact. Because no matter how small their efforts are - every action - EVERY ACTION - is better than apathy towards injustice.”
Ms. Hagee is also a Senior Mentor and International Relations Teacher. We are so honored that Ms. Hagee was chosen to participate in such a prestigious event.
Watch the recorded live stream above (Ms. Hagee appears at about 2:16:25), and click here to learn more about Constitution Day 2021.