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San Domenico School News & Events

Upper School Digital Media Team

Key tenets of a San Domenico education include learning the art of inquiry and finding one's voice. The SD Digital Media Team—a Co-Curricular opportunity—is a group of students using the power of photography, filmmaking, writing, and podcasting to ask questions, share their perspectives, and tell stories about life at our School.  

We invite you to listen to "High Fidelity: The Upper School Podcast on Meaning and Purpose", to hear some of what our students are up to in this space. After listening, you may want to join in and talk to SD students about:

  • Your opinions on Street Wear
  • Engaging government to effect change
  • World Music
  • Peer Resources for Mental Health
  • One Love and Healthy Relationships

Or, you may want to check out our just-launched, student-driven, Panther Post and read about:

We also invite you to follow along at #SDDigitalMediaTeam on Instagram and to meet more of our Digital Media Team at