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San Domenico School News & Events

Upper School Academic Program Enhancements For 2021-22

Each year, we review our curriculum and add new and timely classes to our course offerings. We are excited to announce the following program enhancements for our Upper School Students:

  • Applied Economics: an upper division elective focusing on, at its most basic level, the study of choice, providing students with a structured way of seeing cause and effect relationships. 
  • Ethnic Studies: an upper division Social Studies elective in which students analyze, through historic and contemporary examples, the interrelationship between ethnicity, identity, and social justice. 
  • World Literature: a 12th-grade semester-long elective in which students delve into poems, plays, stories, and novels from non-Western countries across the globe to discover the unifying themes that bind all stories and storytellers together. 
  • Philosophy: an upper division elective in the Philosophy, Ethics, and World Religions Department that explores the very literal definition of the Greek word philosophia, or “love of wisdom,” from its roots in antiquity to its role in our world today. 
  • Photography 1: This freshman art class was added to the menu of ninth-grade electives, allowing our newest high school students the opportunity to explore the medium of photography, either for pure enjoyment or as a springboard into more advanced courses offered at SD.
  • Ninth Grade Physics: To provide more intentional and individualized instruction to ninth-grade science students, we have correlated students’ physics placement with their math placement, allowing this new Physics course and our Conceptual Physics courses to meet the needs of all SD students. 
  • Honors Geometry: At the request of our students and instructors, we have added this advanced level of geometry for students to seek additional challenges in their foundational math studies.

In addition, we are thrilled to be reinstating Graphic Design, Ceramics (evening) and re-opening the 3D Lab, where students can work on state-of-the-art equipment for digital arts projects, learn how to use 3D printers, become power tool users and creative makers, and develop passion projects.

We are also excited to announce the launch of the new Writing and Research Center (WRC).  The WRC supports teachers to extend the opportunities for remediation, reinforcement and enrichment in all aspects of writing. In addition,  The Math and Science Departments offer a weekly Math and Science Lab, where students can drop in with questions about their coursework.

Each of our SD students can look forward to experiencing these new courses and programs as they matriculate to our Upper School.