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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: September 3, 2021

“Who are we missing? Prefects, check your floors! Boarding students, is your roommate here? Roommates, are your neighbors here? The sooner we begin, the sooner we can have some fun! We have a new student arriving today so let’s be sure to greet her with a big San Domenico Boarding welcome!”

It’s only our third full week since opening the dorms, and already we’ve established our routines for our weekly Town Hall Meetings on the Green. These meetings represent our time to come together as a community to review procedures, celebrate birthdays and community milestones, and will soon transition into our Sunday Community Nights - when we will have dorm floor games and competitions to enable us to grow together as a Boarding Community.

This week we are choosing floor mascots and cheers to go with our new accent wall colors: East 1 is Green, East 2 is Purple, North 1 is Orange, North 2 is Red, West on is Blue and West 2 is Yellow!  We are looking forward to some friendly competition and community connections. Additionally, we will return to our Monday night Community Dinners.

After the excitement of the first week of school and last week’s Orientation Trips, we are happy to have a long weekend to rest and rejuvenate. This weekend we are offering trips to testing, Vintage Oaks, Red Hill, and The Village, among others. Additionally, we are excited to offer a trip to see The Curtain Theatre’s outdoor production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night on Saturday. We are looking forward to a fun afternoon of Shakespeare in the Park. 

                    -Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and US English Teacher