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San Domenico School News & Events

The Woman in White Video Recording - A Unique Staging In the Time of COVID-19

San Domenico Theatre Arts is proud to present a recording of Wilkie Collins' masterful suspense story, “The Woman in White,” adapted for SD’s production by director Jennifer Grimes. “The Woman in White” was inspired by a Victorian criminal case, and revolves around the dark side of human nature, greed, the hidden past, and identity.

To provide some perspective on what it is like to stage a production in the age of COVID-19, we share the following behind the scenes measures to ensure the show could go on:

  • ●    Our goal was to get as close to a live theatre performance as possible for both our student thespians and our audience.
  • ●    All auditions and rehearsals up until two weeks before show time were conducted on Zoom.
  • ●    This play was adapted and staged specifically for Zoom viewing, using the long corridors of our Upper School building.
  • ●    All props which appear to be "passed" between actors were created in duplicate for as many characters as handle them; actors are trained on how to "hand" a prop to another actor; the receiving actor has a duplicate to reach for and "take".
  • ●    Costume "fittings" were done on Zoom or distantly in person; lots of guesstimating meant many iterations.
  • ●    One actor is participating remotely from another part of the state; his costumes were mailed to him and green screen technology will bring him to set.
  • ●    All school COVID health and safety protocols were followed at all times.
  • ●    Virtual backgrounds were selected for each scene, and "sliced" by our Theatre Arts Technical Director, Hannah Ozeran, so the characters each have unique backgrounds.

We hope you enjoy this remarkable production!