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San Domenico School News & Events

Technology Update for K-12 Students
Student in Class on iPad

At San Domenico, we regularly review the concepts of responsible technology use with students including digital citizenship and online behavior. This week we will be adding another layer of online security, implementing individual Zoom accounts for all students,

  • K-12. We have different levels of security and access privileges depending on school levels and believe in giving students appropriate access to practice using technology responsibly within our walled garden.
  • K-5: Apps and websites must be approved individually for access.
  • K-8: Email account communications are restricted to SD students/faculty only.
  • 6-8: Websites are filtered by our systems while students are on campus, but this is not the case once a student has departed.  Families must be diligent in monitoring their students.
  • 9-12: Email access is open and websites are restricted for adult content while on campus.

We appreciate your partnership at home as you help supervise your children, remind them to work in well-lit spaces, get adequate sleep, and revisit these conversations around media use within your family. For additional options on managing media in the home, you may wish to consider the following resources:

  • Built-in iOS Features: Guided Access or Do Not Disturb
  • Comcast/Xfinity Parental Controls
  • We use Apple Classroom to occasionally monitor students' iPads and redirect them back to task when needed. This is a tool you can use at home as well:
    • Apple Classroom for Home Use from your Mac Laptop
    • Apple Classroom for Home Use from your own iPad

Additional Resources:

If you have questions, please email