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San Domenico School News & Events

Students Explore Club Options at Fall Fair

The San Domenico Upper School Club Fair, with 25 interest clubs offered, kicked off this week with the help of Amanda Tredinnick, Director of Student Activities, Grades 9-12. Students had the opportunity to visit each “booth” to learn more about many varied special interest clubs. With clubs ranging from anime to social justice, investment, nature, calligraphy, and cultural crafting, there is something for everyone. The student-run clubs meet once per week or every other week during lunch, and may involve some weekend activities. Here is a sampling of some of this year’s offerings:


Casual club where we gather and watch anime together, as well as discuss manga and Japanese culture.


Anyone can learn to shoot a bow in this club - and it even counts for one credit in PE per semester! We have plenty of extra bows and are happy to help anyone who has never tried archery before.


We are willing to help every Asian student on campus, and celebrate our unique festivals together. We are keeping our spirit to unite all of our Asian students, provide them with the best high school experience, and share our Asian culture with everyone at SD!


A space for black students or any students interested in black history, culture, and current events! We have open discussions on selected topics that have to do with blackness. Occasional movies, music, and food to supplement topics discussed. Our big goal this year is to do more community outreach.


An inclusive environment for players of all skill levels to meet new people, play card games, and have fun!


Students will learn about Chinese calligraphy and culture, while embracing diversity. Students can display their calligraphy works around campus. The theme of calligraphy can reflect the festivals and activities that we’re experiencing!


Our club will introduce people to design and teach people how to use computer software. Our goals are to expose students to various forms of digital art, and enable them to create whatever they want to in whatever art form they choose.


We offer tutoring economics for students, and a chance to study together. We will discuss important current economic events, and prepare for upcoming economics competitions.


The main idea of this club is to discuss and learn about investing and personal finance. The club will teach beginners some rudimentary concepts of investing, as well as the basics of how economic and financial systems operate, as well as an advanced group, to discuss more strategic investing topics like options trading, futures, foreign exchanges, and more.


This club is an affinity group for people who identify as Jewish. We plan to discuss current and historical events that affect Jews around the world, eat/cook some Jewish foods such as challah, talk about Jewish culture and values, but mostly hold a space for our members to share their experiences. We would also like to educate the student body on Jewish events/holidays, and their significance to us and our families.


We are the SD chapter of the Junior State of America, founded by members of the 2020 graduating class their Freshman year. JSA is a student-run nationwide political activism and debate organization focusing on getting youth involved in politics. JSA holds conventions and education events throughout the year, including summer institutes like the Women's Leadership Institute. JSA has been around since the 1930s and many current US politicians were members when they were in high school.


In this club we discuss all things Kpop- and Krnb-related but we also watch K-Dramas with each other. The club is meant for people to freely talk about their favorite artists and meet others who might also like them!


Affinity group for Latinx students to bond and share connections amongst their community and nations. A safe space for discussions about culture, ethnicity, entertainment and food. We will also address social justice issues that are impacting the Latinx community and our thoughts on current events taking place in Latin America. We hope to meet every other week during an available lunch time and make a safe space for students who identify as Latinx.


The goal of this club is to strengthen our ability of logical thinking and reasoning in a relaxed way. We will achieve our goal by playing games such as board games, number games, reasoning games, and chess during the club meeting. We wanted to start this club because we observed that logical thinking seems to be stressful for some people. This club is a relaxed place outside the class where there is no mandatory work, but a comfortable environment of learning logical skills and making friends.


Hiking is really fun, and involves teamwork that can make you healthier and happier. It gives us a chance to enjoy the fascinating scenery, the supportive atmosphere of the team, and the fun conversations during the trip. Hikes will take place the first Sunday of each month and meetings will happen the second Wednesday of the month during lunch in the tents by Senior Lawn. We’d love to explore the beauty of the Bay Area with you!


This is a club where people can come and play MTG together and get better at the game. They can also talk about new and old cards. Also trading cards could happen. It would add value because it would be somewhere where people can just have fun and play a fun game!


The main purpose of having a multicultural club is being able to have a space where one can share and embrace who they are. Everyone has something unique about their identity. This club allows one to speak about their experiences, perspectives, instead of hiding or abandoning one’s background. The club helps others understand cultures on a different level and have a chance to experience the numerous cultures our world has to offer!! Overall, this club is about gaining and learning new perspectives!


Nerd club started out as a Harry Potter club two years ago. It has since expanded to become a place where we play games such as board games and D&D. We also discuss fandoms we’re in and many other nerdy things.


The philosophy club will offer a place to explore philosophical and existential questions. We will discuss films, books, art, and the works of thought leaders from around the world, both ancient and modern. This brings value to the SD community because it will foster critical thinking and open minds.


In this club, we hold discussions about current events, queer history, and other topics surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. The club is open to the entire student body and will be a safe space for any and everyone. Throughout the year hopefully we can hold important progressive discussions, fun conversations, presentations to the student body, possibly guest speakers, and more at SD with the help of QSU!


Our club will show the lyricism and drama of Russian poetry. We want to expand students' knowledge about poetry!


Learn how to take a stand in public speaking! Over the course of this semester we will be preparing for several competitions in the spring, while strengthening what we know about writing and public speech and debate.


It is a great opportunity to get students to be creative, release energy, and bond. With skateboarding, students can be competitive while still having fun and improving on their skills. Skateboarding is a very strong community that students can make lifelong friends in.


Do you see injustices in the news and in your community but have no way to take action? Are you the slightest bit intrigued by social justice issues? Then SD's very own Social Justice Club is the place for you! As San Domenico's oldest club, we embody the core value of service and strive to improve our school, local, and global communities. We meet weekly during lunch to discuss current issues, plan educational presentations, micro lend to women in developing countries, do service in our community, and more. All in all, we are a warm, welcoming space for all and work to make sure all voices are heard in our community. Come and try it out!


We have a lot of students from all around the world, adding a rich diversity to the School community. Each culture or country will have their own special and unique representation crafts. We will create different traditional crafts from countries and regions all around the world, and introduce students who are interested in crafts to the "craft culture" all around the world.