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San Domenico School News & Events

Students Demonstrate A Global Perspective

International Relations is a Senior Elective that explores the intersectionality between multiple actors within the global political system, learning to collaboratively solve world problems. The purpose of this course is to systematically study international interactions between actors with different interests and ideas. In this course, students explored topics, encountered puzzles, examined theories, and evaluated evidence to try to gain a greater understanding of world politics. 

The course was one big simulation where every student represented a country of their choosing for the entire semester. As a delegate from that country, each student learned vital skills as they practiced roles as diplomat, decision maker, influencer and change agent. 

In the final semester summative assessment, delegates were grouped together as delegates from around the world, and given a major world crisis to reevaluate through inquiry with the goal of proposing viable solutions.

Students from the International Relations class with their presentation on Human Trafficking

Global Challenge Topics:

  1. Worldwide Pandemics - Denmark, Iceland, South Africa
  2. Famine/Food and Water Security - Belarus, Japan, United States
  3. Sustainable Development and Climate Action - Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand
  4. Human Trafficking - Egypt, Russia, DRC, Cuba
  5. Free and Open Seas/Oceans - India, China, South Korea
  6. Atomic Energy - France, Colombia, Ethiopia 
  7. Women’s Rights and Access to Education - Brazil, North Korea, Singapore

I like to create assessments where students can celebrate their efforts through sharing what they have mastered with others. As a learning cohort, this group of young people grew together and created a Gallery Walk Exhibition, giving the students an audience to showcase the skills they have been practicing this semester. I am extremely humbled by the success I have shared with this dynamic group, and I know many of them will go on to be amazing change agents of the world. 

— Kathy Hagee, US History and International Relations Teacher

Students in the International Relations Gallery Walk