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San Domenico School News & Events

Panther Spotlight: Spring League Champions

This week, we honor five SD athletes who won the league title in their respective sports this spring. A difficult feat to accomplish in our competitive league, their success is a testament to their dedication, focus, and positive attitude.

Emma Keith-Brown


Emma Keith-Brown '22 (Swim) is the 2022 BAC/BCL West Girls 200-yard IM champion and the 500-yard freestyle BAC champion. This is a high honor for Emma, the first swimmer in SD history to make it to the State Championships. "Emma has been an inspiration to the entire school," says Coach Julie Anderson. "Our first athlete to sign with a Division 1 school, Emma, has been instrumental in putting San Domenico Swimming on the map. She has worked incredibly hard to reach her goals. Her work ethic separates her from the pack."

Kezian Dunn


Kezian Dunn '22 (Track and Field) is the 2022 BAC/BCL West Shot Put champion. He also won the Marin Athletic Foundations Outstanding Student-Athlete Award. This is a significant moment for Kez as he did not consider himself much of an athlete before stepping foot on campus. "When I came to SD, I needed to improve in many areas to compete on a team. My coaches were patient and supported me along the way. My self-confidence grew, culminating in a league championship four years later. What I learned here will continue serving me in all areas of my life." 

Hayley Ballard


Hayley Ballard '23 (Track and Field) is the 1600 and 3200 BAC/BCL Champion. This is the first time she has won the league championship, although she has won those races in meets. "I'm excited and proud of myself. I hope to build on this success and continue to help the team move in the right direction." Head coach Mark Churchill thinks and speaks highly of Hayley. "She is very motivated to better herself in whatever she does. Hayley knows her plan and sticks to it in workouts and racing, which puts her in a great position to perform well and succeed." 

Eric Liu and Martin Peng


Eric Liu '24 and Martin Peng '25 (Badminton) are the BAC Doubles Champions. Being crowned champions is a significant accomplishment when you consider that Martin never played badminton before coming to SD. "Our team is full of great people and is very welcoming. Eric was supportive and patient with me as I learned the game, and we grew together throughout the season. We will compete against good teams in the North Coast Championships, so our hard work does not stop here. We continue working hard each day and look forward to testing ourselves against tough competition."

We wish all our champions and their teams luck as they continue their playoff journeys.