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San Domenico School News & Events

SD and NYU Alumna Coaches Women’s Varsity Volleyball

There’s something we like to call the SD Difference; a “je ne sais quoi” that we believe is tied to our rich history, our alumni, and our Dominican values, all of which leads many to consider San Domenico a second home. We know our past will always be tied to our future. For some alums, SD beckons a return.

Nicole Frias, SD Class of 2012, graduated from New York University, where she received many an honor and a Liberal Arts Degree with a concentration in Media and Women’s Rights. In the fall of 2016 she returned to our Katherine Kaime Gaspar Gym to coach the Panthers Women’s Varsity Volleyball team. Kwan Limbhasut, a sophomore who hails from Thailand, found time to interview her coach en route to a game in San Francisco.

What’s it like coming back to your alma mater as a coach?

It’s a very rewarding experience. I never expected to come full circle after I graduated, let alone move back to California!

What do you hope to pass on to your students?

I hope to walk away from the season knowing that my girls did their best to make this experience worth their while.

What’s the best part about playing volleyball? Being a coach?

The best part about playing is the fun of the sport! There’s no better feeling than facing my biggest challenges head on from the other side of the net. Coaching is a similar experience in the sense that I get to pass on that passion to my players.

What’s your favorite memory with the SD team as a player?

Making Athlete of the Week a couple times for the Marin IJ and also being MVP every year!

What’s your favorite aspect of being a coach?

Seeing my athletes break through their comfort zones and challenge themselves mentally and physically during games and in practice.

Which Dominican values resonate with you the most?

Study and service; I continued to use those values throughout my college career and now bring them forward in my professional life. In addition to coaching I am currently interning at the Center for Domestic Peace in San Rafael. This organization provides legal programs and transitional/safe housing for victims and survivors of domestic violence, which is the number one violent crime in Marin County. So my sense of service, first instilled at San Domenico, continues.