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San Domenico School News & Events

MS Students Heed Call to Help Communities Affected by Dixie Fire 

The Dixie Fire is impacting five counties in Northern California around Butte and Shasta counties, burning over 927,000 acres, on pace to unfortunately become the largest wildfire in the state's history. 

Seventh Grader Jeevan R. was inspired to help. He was motivated by a friend who leads Community Heroes, an organization whose goal was to donate 1,000 new blankets to Dixie Fire victims by partnering with local schools. Jeevan led the way at San Domenico by introducing the topic to our teachers and Ms. Bukata. 

SD students jumped in by bringing in new blankets and donations, and holding a bake sale to raise additional funds. We are so proud of Jeevan’s efforts, and of all the students who donated time, money, and blankets to support those in need - a living example of our core values of Community and Service. 

— Annemarie Robinson, MS Science Teacher and Department Co-Chair

Here is a note Jeevan provided us about his experience:

“The founder of the organization, Community Heroes, is a family friend. This nonprofit works to provide opportunities for service for kids. Ms. Shah reached out to me for help in their most recent project, which is donating blankets to Dixie Fire victims. Due to COVID it had been a while since I participated in an opportunity like this, so I told Ms. Shah “Yes!” the second she asked. After discussing the project and its requirements and gathering all the details, I reached out to Ms. Robinson in Science Class the next day. She immediately recognized the potential of the project and had me email her and Ms. Bukata, requesting this as an opportunity for the whole Middle School. 

Two weeks, several emails, one bake sale, and $721 later, we had reached our goal. I’d like to say a very big thank you to all of the SD Community that helped me with this project. Service is one of the four key pillars of our school. It is embedded in our everyday activities. From serving soup, to helping younger lower school students, I see service all around me every day. I hope this fundraiser can be an example to my classmates and peers as a reminder of one of my favorite phrases: “Carpe Diem-Seize the Day!” I want all of us at San Domenico to do the same and reflect on how we can incorporate service into our daily lives. When organizing this fundraiser, I learned how to take action in my community, and help mobilize a team of students and teachers in order to accomplish our goal.

May the Dominican spirit guide your path as it has guided mine. And I’d like to give a special thanks to Ms. Robinson for helping me organize this effort. Community Heroes is still accepting donations. Details here.”

 — Jeevan Raghupathy ‘27, Service Project Leader