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San Domenico School News & Events

ROSE Project Spotlight: Julia Berman and Family Dynamics

For my ROSE Project, I decided to take a different approach.As a daughter of two moms and a sperm donor, I have constantly found myself challenging society's definition of family and educating my peers on what a “modern-day” family looks like. Aside from having two moms and an anonymous sperm donor I also have a full brother and 37 half-siblings that share the same donor as me. The goal of my ROSE Project was to break down the expectation of nuclear families while simultaneously shining a light on the need to regulate cryobanks and the number of donations that one donor is permitted to provide.

Julia Berman educating peers on what a “modern-day” family looks like.

Julia Berman educating peers on what a “modern-day” family looks like.

As times become more progressive and accepting, new family dynamics arise. My hope is that through sharing my story, cryobanks will shift their perspective on how they view a donor's contribution and how society defines family. Donations should not be viewed as vials but future children and society should not define family as a mom and a dad but a home filled with acceptance and love.

New York Times Magazine Cover

Through our current short film “Kids of Donor 5114,” a future documentary, and The New York Times Magazine article, my half-siblings and I continue to share our story throughout the United States.