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San Domenico School News & Events

Reflections from Latino League Leaders
Greta and Zidane

We asked the leaders of the Latino League in Upper School, Greta Herman 22, and Zidane Zamorano 22, to offer a reflection on what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them personally. Zidane and Greta, along with other members of the club, also gave a presentation on the meaning and traditions surrounding this celebratory month to students at assemblies this month. We have included the student presentation below. Enjoy! 

"Hispanic Heritage Month is a time where my culture can be celebrated and my history can be shared. During this month, the independence days of many Hispanic and Latin American countries are celebrated, including the independence day of Chile on September 18, the country where my family comes from. During this month, not only is my country celebrated but many others, and for me it is inspiring to have a time when all of us can enjoy these events and cultures together. The members and leaders of Latino League and I made this presentation in order to encapsulate this feeling, and to show how diverse and strong our shared community is, even though we all come from different countries, cultures, and walks of life. I hope that this presentation can lead to education for those that want to learn more about Hispanic culture, and display to others our beautiful backgrounds and countries is a way personal to us." 

— Zidane Zamorano ’22  

"Members of our community can reconnect and bond with our cultural similarities and differences during Hispanic Heritage Month. As an individual who is half Mexican and half Argentinian, I am able to honor both nations and take pride in my identity. Hispanic Heritage Month is an uplifting experience that honors the struggles our community has collectively conquered. It is a recognition of our strength and our ability to break cultural and racial stereotypes. This month reminds me of the moments I’ve spent with my families, in both Argentina and Mexico, making soups and sharing moments of laughter and joy, being reminded of how our culture has brought us together again. This celebration also honors the diversity of the Hispanic community and though we may come from different countries or cultures, we all are united through our power, we all stand together and protect each other in moments of distress, we stand for what we believe is right and defy the expectations placed on us by others."

— Greta Herman ’22


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