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San Domenico School News & Events

Men's Tennis Team

A successful season for the Men's Tennis team culminated in the BCL-West Team League Playoffs semifinals this week, when the Panthers squared up against #1 seed University. Despite the loss, the team still has a chance to qualify for the team NCS playoffs. Athletic Director Mark Churchill will make a bid to CIF, citing the highly competitive BCL-West conference. 

In the meantime, the BCL-West Individual Tournament starts next week. A select group of players will compete in a series of singles and doubles matches for a berth into the NCS playoffs. Gavin Kennedy ’24 and Zuzu Bikahi ’23  will represent SD in the singles matches. The two doubles will be Chase Weaver ’22 / Alex Constantin ’22, and Dylan Donner ’26 / Parker Sadzeck ’25. The individual tournament winners will go on to play in the NCS tournament, as well.

Tennis Director and Head Coach Rob Jessen is proud of the team's performance this season. "We accomplished our team goals of making it into the team playoffs." The team took it a step further by reaching the semi-finals for the second time in SD history. "Many factors contributed to our success this season. One of which is the growth of the tennis culture on campus. The previous graduating classes have done a fantastic job developing it. The returning players picked up where they left off and have done an excellent job carrying the program forward. There is an uptick in student-athletes utilizing the facilities year-round and encouraging their friends to come out and hit with them. We want our players to develop a life-long love for the sport, and this is how it starts."