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San Domenico School News & Events

Panther Athletics Update

What a week in Athletics! Our Panther teams are in their rhythm and improving at a steady rate. The athletes are enjoying the competition, and pushing their limits on a regular basis. Our Badminton team is undefeated at 4-0, boys tennis is winning match after match, and we are placing in top rankings in Track and Field, with baseball seeing some strong players emerge on our young team.


SD Baseball
SD Baseball

The team took a few losses in the last two weeks, but they showed a lot of grit in both games against Urban and University. Senior Connor Liang led the team with some hits and key defensive plays. The team is looking forward to a good matchup against Marin Academy next week.


SD Badminton
SD Badminton

Under the leadership of Coach Julie Lanzarin, the San Domenico Badminton team is undefeated 4-0!

Fun Fact: The team is also the most internationally-represented team that we’ve ever fielded - with students hailing from Poland, Germany, China, Morocco, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and California!

With recent victories from Stanley Ma, Hank Hu, Eric Liu, Alastair Kouzi, Cici Lin and Scott Wang, the Panthers opened the season with a 6-4 victory against Convent/Stuart Hall.

They followed up with an 8-2 victory against Lick-Wilmerding with victories from Hank Hu, Eric Liu, Alastair Kouzie, Cici Lin, Scoot Wang, Jamelle Namocatcat, Zofia Pawlowska and Mai da Silva.

On Thursday, April 22, the team beat University for the first time in many years with an outstanding 13-0 performance. Everyone won their Match for the shut out!

We played 13 matches and won all of them. Highlights are the matches that went to three sets: #5 Men’s Singles Gael Taylor (11) won : 9-15/15-10/ 15-5; #3 Women’s Singles Jamelle Namocatcat: 15-10/11-15/15-11 (Jamelle is a freshman and played a senior). #5 Women’s singles Frie Schlaberg:  18-16/13-15/15-10; #6 Women’s singles Mai Da Silva: 15-13/13-15/15-13.  All of the other matches were won in two sets:  #1 Women’s singles Cici Lin 15-7/15-4 (Nomination for Prep of the Week) Cici is undefeated 4-0.


SD Tennis

Varsity Men’s tennis picked up a pair of wins against Drew and Stuart Hall. Jonah Richards racked up a 6-0, 6-0 victory at No. 1 singles to lead San Domenico to a 3-2 win against Drew. Alex Constantin/Parker Sadzeck and Drake Fruhauf/Diallo Garcia also secured wins and Nos.1 and 2 doubles, respectively.

Against Stuart Hall, SD got wins from No.3 singles Gavin Kennedy in a 3rd set super tie breaker 11-9, No.1 doubles Alex Constantin/Zuzu Bikahi also won in a 3rd set super tie breaker 10-4, No. 2 doubles Charlie Aspatore/Parker Sadzeck 6-1, 6-1

The team played International and again came out victorious with a 3-2 win. No. 1 singles Jonah Richards 6-0, 6-2, No. 2 singles Chase Weaver 6-1, 6-1, and no. 3 singles Zuzu Bikahi 6-0, 6-2 all had victories. The win brought the team to 3 and 3 on the season with three to go.

Track and Field

The first meet was held at Kezar stadium in cool foggy weather with some big highlights.

Kezian Dunn and Hayley Ballard set school records in the shot put and 3200 meters.

The following won their events

Kevin Leng - triple jump, Kezian Dunn - Shot and discus, Hayley Ballard - 3200 m, Tobe Ohajunwa - 100 m, and Eden Roberts - Shot Put.  

Other notables (Top 6 finishes that scored for the team)

Tobe Ohajunwa- 200 m - 2nd, Ryan Trimble- shot put - 2nd, discus - 5th, Kevin Leng - high jump tied 2nd - long jump - 2nd, Braeden Connan- long jump - 6th, Hayley Ballard - 1600 m - 2nd, Maple Silverstein - 300h - 5th, Molly Mandelbrot - discus - 3rd
Team scores from the track meet


1 - University 190
2 - Lick 70.5
3 - San Domenico 46
4 - Convent 38.5
5 - Marin Academy 34
6 - Waldorf 27
7 - Urban 19
8 - International 18
9 - Drew 6
10 - Bay np
11 - Gateway np  


1 - Stuart Hall 129
2 - Lick 115
3 - University 80
4 - San Domenico 72
5 - Drew 24
6 - Urban 11
7 - Gateway
8 - Marin Academy 6
9 - International
10 - Bay np
11 - Waldorf np