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San Domenico School News & Events

Meet SD's New Trustee: Jose Seara

Please join us welcoming Jose Seara to our Board of Trustees.
Jose Seara (dad to Alejandra ’23 and Rafael ’22, and husband to Sandra), joined our San Domenico Board of Trustees this year for two reasons: 1) to give back to his children’s school where he can be most helpful, and 2) to contribute by strategically considering ways to plan for a transformed educational experience during the pandemic.

With Jose’s experience as an entrepreneur and current position as CEO of DeNexus, Inc. a company working in the area of Industrial Cybersecurity, we could not be more grateful for his support. He serves on the board of DeNexus and Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) San Francisco Gold and holds a Masters in Science in Naval Engineering from Polytechnic University Madrid, Spain. In addition to time with his family, Jose counts skiing, sailing, mountain biking and time outdoors as his favorite pursuits. Here, Jose answers some of our #FacesOfSD questions:
Q. What is your full name?

First name: Jose Maria. Family name: Sanchez Seara. Too long for American standards, so I go by Jose Seara here.

Q. What is your home town?


Q. What is your favorite place in the world?

I have so many, but these COVID days I cannot stop dreaming about when I will go back to sail in Bora Bora – French Polynesia.

Q. What would you like to do when you “grow up?”

Sail, spend winters in a nice mountain, and mentor young entrepreneurs.

Q. What experience has helped you to grow the most in your life thus far?

No doubt, leaving a comfortable life in Spain to move to the United States and land in amazing California. Also joining YPO, where I have found great friends who have helped me to discover who I am. Still in that journey.  

Q. What do you consider your greatest personal accomplishment/s?

On the business front, building an amazing company in the United States from scratch with the help of an amazing team. On the personal front, growing the family that I am blessed to have. At the me level, finding challenges that take me out of my comfort zone and figure out how to manage fear and overcome it. I am now working on my pilot license…… A little bit on hold because my new startup and COVID, but I will complete the training at some point!