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San Domenico School News & Events

Mandarin One: House Projects
Photos of Mandarin One class house project

Mandarin One students researched what traditional houses look like in Chinese-speaking countries and, in a prime example of multidisciplinary learning at San Domenico, learned how to use Inkscape software from STEAM Integration Specialist Ms. Mages to bring their visions to fruition. Students had so much fun designing their houses and watching Ms. Mages use laser cutters to cut each piece. After students assembled their houses, each student gave a short presentation in class, introducing themselves, their model house, talking about what objects are inside and outside of the house, and what foods they have in their refrigerator - all in Mandarin! 

I hope you enjoy these reflections from students about their project learning:

“My Mandarin experience this semester has been amazing. My 3D Lab experience was fun. I enjoyed learning how to use software to create a structure. It was a bit confusing at the start, but then I learned how to outline and create my house. I would like Ms. Lin to have similar assignments to this one because I enjoyed learning how to use new technology and have physical tools to describe what I am talking about.”
– Aveline Heryer 

“The 3D Lab allowed me to make a precisely cut house fairly quickly. One problem I ran into is that I didn’t precisely measure my joints so they didn’t fit as well as I thought they would. I learned about what a traditional Chinese house looks like and I also learned how to use the 3D software.”
– Nathan Fasano

“I really enjoyed the whole semester in Mandarin, and especially liked the time in the 3D “Thinker” Lab where we laser printed a house. Throughout the semester I liked how we learned to apply creativity to work and how we finished the year off with this assignment.” 
– Quinn Daniels

– Shu-Chen Lin, K-12 Mandarin Teacher

Students working on their houses in Mandarin One