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San Domenico School News & Events

Junior Chloe Flynn Addresses Homelessness in Marin

Junior Chloe Flynn ‘23, the co-founder of Marin Youth for Justice and one of Representative Jared Huffman's Democracy Fellows, has been involved with providing solutions for the local homeless community. We asked Chloe to reflect on her efforts:

“Last summer I had the opportunity to work with Jared Huffman, our congressional representative, in his Democracy Summer Fellowship. The program is led by a number of congressional representatives and was founded by Rep. Jamie Raskin. The purpose of the fellowship is to inspire young activists with accomplished speakers and provide them with training in organizing and campaigning. It was an amazing opportunity to hear from outspoken civil rights leaders working to further voting rights, which was the theme of the program this year. The training we received in grassroots organizing, which strengthened my commitment to local community movements, particularly drove me.

Last spring I co-founded a youth-led mutual aid group, Marin Youth for Justice. Our mission is to educate students on local issues from a progressive viewpoint and encourage community involvement through hands-on action. We organized a drive selling used clothes, hand-made items, and baked goods. With the $1,600 we raised, we were able to purchase tents, tarps, sanitary products, and food for local encampments. During the summer, we expanded our involvement to protesting local homeless evictions, speaking at city council meetings, and advocating for homeless rights in local media. We hope to continue our work, specifically with providing the 4th Street encampment with a community refrigerator. Additionally, we are working on developing a newsletter as a means of providing local news and keeping our community informed on local issues. Many courses San Domenico offers have shaped my passion for local activism — specifically, Myth and Meaning, World History, and Social Justice, all of which emphasize public service in relation to finding your own meaning and purpose.”

Flynn was recently quoted in an article in the Marin IJ about the county’s approach to addressing the issue:

“Bringing food to people is difficult because some volunteers have to lift supplies over the fence around the site,” [Flynn] said. “Leaving for meals is tough, because anyone who leaves must find a place offering food and get back to the site by night to prevent losing the space. It’s very much an inconvenience, especially when there’s so many people out there who are trying to help and trying to provide food so they don’t need to use the little money they have for food." 

We are very proud of Chloe’s initiative, living out a core San Domenico value of service to others. She’s shown great initiative and leadership in a timely issue. We look forward to hearing more about her continued involvement in supporting the local community.