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San Domenico School News & Events

The Renaissance Comes to Town


Seventh Graders recently hosted the ninth annual San Domenico Renaissance Faire on a sunny Friday afternoon, after a two-year hiatus. This year’s faire, a variation of the theme, was a Global Renaissance Faire featuring innovations, inventions, activities, and performances from historical golden ages of cultures around the world.

From archery to kite flying, badminton to the Maya ballgame, henna to jewelry, foam sword fighting to chess, food, dancing, Shakespeare recitals, and Afro-Indian drumming, the faire showcased student research and talent in a celebratory way!

The process of working together as a community to make this faire happen was a rewarding experience for students and offered opportunities for leadership, advancing organizational skills, and cooperative learning. Having studied medieval empires and civilizations with an emphasis on essential question ideas like what it takes for a civilization to attain a golden age, how cultural diffusion influences communities, and the ways that belief systems, both spiritual and philosophical, affect societies, students researched specific examples of cultural innovations and inventions before preparing posters and activities for the faire.

– Todd Tash, Middle School Social Studies teacher