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San Domenico School News & Events

Freshman Portfolios Illustrate Life in the Time of Coronavirus

For this cross-discipline project, teacher and Social Studies Chair for Grades 6-12, Natasha McKeown, had students work in their Global Studies, Human Development, Art I and/or Film I classes to document and reflect on this historical time during the Covid-19 pandemic. These are a few interpretations offered by the students.

These are a few interpretations offered by the students, in the form of a poem, song, two video blogs (vlogs), recipe, photo journal, note, and an interview with a grandparent. Enjoy!

out my window, by Emmy Bergen

Out my window I have seen the birds return to spring
Out my window I have seen the bare branches of the trees grow full with lush green leaves
Out my window I have seen the the grass on the hills dance in the spring wind
Out my window I have seen the rain fall to the ground
Out my window I have seen the sun peeking in to wake me up
Out my window I have talked to my neighbors for hours on end
Out my window I have gazed at the bright blue sky, wishing I could spend the nice weather with friends
Out my window I have seen the world change in a matter of days.


Eva Laborde-Turner, Note to Self

Dear Present Self,

Nice of you to put down your devices to read this. This isolation has created too much time to spend scrolling on social media and reloading your youtube page. This letter is here to keep you in check and hopefully help ground you a little bit in this crazy time. I know that so far you have not really been affected mentally. In fact, this time has kind of made your mental health better by giving time to relax and focus on creating good habits. I have to admit you have been doing a fairly good job of keeping yourself accountable so far. However, do not forget that you still have at least four months left of time inside with family. You are not even close to halfway done. So, relax a little bit and let yourself be unproductive sometimes while also keeping yourself accountable for the important things. Basically, find a balance. It actually slightly surprises me that you and the family have been doing a pretty good job at keeping the arguments to a minimum and solving them quickly when something does come up. So keep it up, I guess. Back to the devices, I would like you to work on having specific days or periods of time that you spend away from screens. Try to stop relying on devices so much for entertainment and stop the habit of pulling out your phone every time you need something to do. Also, I know you have tried to convince your family to do a technology free day, but I hope that you continue to do that because I think that would be great for all of you. I want you to continue to try to move your body and go on walks. Maybe even stretch yourself and go on a few runs. Speaking of stretching, I would also like you to try to increase your flexibility again because we have plenty of time to do that. On another note, organizing is a great way to spend your time. It can be tiring, but that can be good for you sometimes. My goal at the moment is to organize the whole house. That may be aiming too high, but I would love it if you would if that actually happened. I also wish for you to really try to document this time to your best ability. As much as this just feels like a long break, this is something that you have never experienced before and most likely will never experience again. Therefore, take all of the videos and write all of the journal entries that you can. As for school work, I hope that you continue to really immerse yourself in what you are doing in classes because if you don’t, it will be hard to stay interested. Plan out your days and do your best to get the majority of your tasks done by 2:00 or 3:00 to give yourself time in the afternoon to do something creative or find a hobby. I know that drawing can be time consuming and frustrating but I think that it would be interesting to try to improve your realistic portrait skills. When you are spending time on your devices, try to look for inspirations of new hobbies or projects to start. Keep up your nightly journaling, because I think that it will be interesting to look back at your day to day life during this time. My main point is that it is very easy to just go day by day right now. It is very easy to forget about this whole circumstance and just get yourself sucked into Animal Crossing. But my hope for you, Present Self, is that you slow down and enjoy this time while remembering that this pandemic is bigger than you can even understand. Even though the virus itself is tiny, this short time period could alter your life forever.

Good luck,
Your Current Self

Abby Arenberg, Birthday at Home

Like many people, I celebrated my 15th birthday in quarantine. Here is a glimpse into what I did to celebrate!!

Zuzu Bikahi, Interview with Grandpa

Richard Dunbar speaking from Wick, Scotland. Enjoy his unique and interesting perspective!

Arthur Tsai, Traveling Back to Taiwan

For this project, our teacher asked us to document and reflect on the time during the Coronavirus. We are going to share our life during these difficult times and everyone has different experiences, for instance, some students are in the States and others are in other parts of the world. 

Dylan Youman, Recipe

Quarantine Pancakes!

Alejandra Sanchez-Lazaro Song Lyrics

Life in the Time of Corona: A Parody to Firework by Katy Perry

Do you ever feel like you're all alone,
In quarantine,
Stuck in your home

Do you ever feel like you miss your friends
And you can't wait
To see them all again

Do you ever feel like you're sick and tired
Of seeing your family, and no one else but them

Do you know that you, can't leave your house
Because if you do, you will get COVID 19

You just gotta stay at home,
Watch netflix all day,
Facetime your friends,
And just be bored all day

Cause you don't want COVID-19,
So you just gotta stay at home,
Just be bo-o-ored,
As you do your zoom cla-a-sses

You don't want COVID-19,
So just stick to zoom all day,
Just be bo-o-ored
And hope this will end soon.