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San Domenico School News & Events

Food Justice Inquiry Project
Social Justice Teacher, Kathy Hagee

Everyone has an opinion, but what about solutions? Our states, nation, and world have countless challenges, and even more critics, but where are the people with ideas and, more importantly, the determination to make a difference? These are the questions Social Justice Teacher, Kathy Hagee, put to Juniors in a recent study unit designed to tie in with our annual San Domenico Food Drive.

Students tackled one of the 13 unintended consequences of the large manufacturing food system. The learning included identifying a problem, writing three inquiry questions and then researching the root causes and the current condition of said problem. As a final step, students had to propose a logical and sustainable solution. Each student showcased their six week journey during this food justice project in a video to be showcased during our annual food drive.

Please follow this link to watch all the students' videos.