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San Domenico School News & Events

First Graders Visit WildCare
First Grade Field Trip to Wildcare

Our First Graders have begun the cross-curricular WildCare Project, which involves reading, writing, science, art, music, and a public speaking component. This week, we visited WildCare and learned that there are local animals in our community that need our help to survive and be safe. Students learned the different ways they could help these animals in need. 

First Grade Wildcare Field Trip

One way they will help is by letting the SD community know different things we can do to help the animals that live in our backyards (e.g. clean up litter, cut up fishing lines or soda can rings, shut the lids on our trash cans). Another way is to gather supplies to donate to WildCare. WildCare needs items for the injured animals (e.g., old towels and sheets, small pet bowls, all kinds of tape, and Dawn dish soap). During two Lower School assemblies, the First Graders will present and promote the First Grade WildCare Drive (Jan. 24-Feb. 4) to create awareness and gather supplies. Throughout the unit, students will learn about a specific animal from WildCare and become its “Wildlife Hero.” They will write an “All About” book in Writing Workshop that teaches about the animal and what we can do as Marin citizens to better protect it. In art, the students will create an art project featuring their animal. In music, they will sing songs about animals and how to protect our environment. In science, First Graders will study their animals more closely, and also learn specifically about birds and their features. Students will present their findings, practicing public speaking skills, and continue to raise awareness for how to help our local animals at an upcoming showcase for parents.

Thank you for all your hard work, First Graders!

— Kristin Ferrarone and McKenzie Corbett, First Grade Teachers