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San Domenico School News & Events

#FacesOfSD: Meet Sara Bianchi Chamberlin

Sara Bianchi Chamberlin serves as the Spanish teacher for Middle School in our World Languages Department. She is a native of Italy, having grown up in Monza, near Milano. Sara has studied foreign languages since high school, where she attended a Linguistic Lyceum. Ms. Chamberlain then attended the State University of Milan where she earned a Master of Arts in Modern Foreign Languages (English, French, Italian and Spanish). After working in Italy in International Sports Relations, she moved to the U.S. and started teaching foreign languages (Italian, French, and Spanish) to kids, adults, and in college. She earned her California Teaching Credential for Romance Languages at the Dominican University of California, and a certificate from Stanford World Language Program. Ms Chamberlin is an enthusiastic teacher, and loves teaching through cooking and art projects.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis or volleyball and spending time sailing, kayaking, or looking at the sea during a long walk by the water or lying on the beach. Her favorite quote is: "Amor vincit omnia et nos cedamus amori" from Virgilio, translated as “Love will not yield”.

"My favorite part of being a member of the San Domenico community is the atmosphere of spirituality, empathy, and engagement."

Hometown: Monza (Milan), Italy

Why did you choose to work at San Domenico?

I liked the opportunity to teach on a campus where the teacher/student ratio is kept low and where teachers collaborate in sync for grade levels. I also love the fact that spirituality is embedded into the curriculum.

What is your favorite event at SD thus far?

I have been participating in the food collection and it has been an amazing experience. I also loved the pumpkin seeds bath over Mirza and Ms. Bukata’s head. The students had a lot of fun competing and sharing to provide so much help. The trucks which came to collect the food donations were huge. Way to go San Domenico!

What activities do you participate in at SD?

I am going to start a Middle School Spanish Club next semester, and I am excited about preparing fun activities including cooking, speaking opportunities, and games to enjoy different cultures.
Do you have any hidden talents?

I think my talent is probably learning languages. I have spoken four languages fluently since the age of 18, and I dedicated my college years to learning the culture and literature of all of them, focusing on comparative literature.

What makes a “good day” at school?

A good day is when I can get genuine smiles from my students. Happy students are great learners! Everything starts with a smile!

What is a favorite city you’ve visited, and why is it special to you?

My favorite city is Rome. I love the fact that the City has so many hidden places. The catacombs where Christians used to hide from persecutors are literally a city within the city. It is amazing to stroll a relatively short distance and see the Colosseum, the columns and fountains, the Vatican and its museums. I also like the fact that Rome was built on seven hills like San Francisco. Rome is a fun place to visit and to spend some time with friends. People are very friendly there, and they have a nice way of balancing work and ordinary life. Food is the cherry on the cake, you cannot make any mistake sitting in one trattoria (family restaurant) or another...just do not try to order anything. The waiter will bring you the best of the day!

When do you feel joyful?

I am joyful when I am with my family and when we can all be together in the same place at the same time. If I could be a Super Hero, I would ask to get the gift of ubiquity so that I can be in Italy and in America at the same time.
What is your ideal weekend?

My ideal weekend is relaxing on a beach and looking at the sea and reading a good book. I would love to be able to snorkel as well, but I keep that for my vacations.

What are your “trapped on a desert island” books or movies?

Wuthering Heights by E. Bronte and Jane Eyre by C. Bronte are my favorite books. I also love E. Allen Poe’s The Raven and other stories.

What academic accomplishments have filled you with pride?

My undergraduate and Masters degrees in Foreign Languages and my California Teaching Credentials are my prideful academic accomplishments.

What personal accomplishments have filled you with pride?

My family is the biggest gift I have ever received.