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San Domenico School News & Events

#FacesOfSD: Meet Laura Webb

Laura Webb is in her sixth year as our Kindergarten Teacher, and was named the Language Arts Lead for Lower School. She grew up in Connecticut and moved to California in 2001 after graduating from Wheelock College in Boston. Prior to teaching at San Domenico, Ms. Webb taught kindergarten, first, and second Grade in the San Francisco Unified School District in San Francisco, and Kindergarten at Ross School in Ross, CA. She has also earned several credentials, including California Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, California Clear Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development Credential (CLAD), and Gifted and Talented Education Certificate.

Ms. Webb has been teaching for over 19 years, and loves watching her students become independent thinkers who are passionate about their learning. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her two children and visiting the beaches in and around the Point Reyes National Seashore Park.

"My favorite part of being a member of the San Domenico community is working with students who are motivated to learn and working with an amazing group of educators."

Hometown: North Haven, CT

Why did you choose to work at San Domenico?

I chose SD because I was greeted with a warm welcome into the community. It was clear that they value each student and provide a balanced program that values emotional/social learning, as well as academics.

What is your favorite annual event at SD?

I love the Garden Fair. It is amazing to see the community come together.

What activities do you participate in at SD?

Everything! The plays, Garden Fair, Author Talks, Breakfast with Santa.
Do you have any hidden talents?

I used to be a hip-hop dance teacher - I love dancing!

What makes a “good day” at school?

When my students arrive happily and are sad that the day is over! I love when they share how excited they were about something we learned.

What is a favorite city you’ve visited, and why is it special to you?

I love Laguna Beach! We spend hours at the beach. Or Boston, becauseI went to college there.

When do you feel joyful?

Being with my two children, seeing them happy. And/ or having a clean house.
What is your ideal weekend?

Coffee and a good book, maybe even a visit to Drake's Beach in Point Reyes with my family.

What are your “trapped on a desert island” books or movies?

For a book, I’d choose Where the Crawdads Sing and for a movie, I like “You've Got Mail”.

What academic accomplishments have filled you with pride?

My three teacher credentials/certificates: Gifted and Talented (GATE), CLAD, and Clear.

What personal accomplishments have filled you with pride?

Being a mother to my two children, Tessa and Ryan.