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San Domenico School News & Events

#FacesOfSD: Joyce Kim ‘22
Joyce Kim

Meet Junior Joyce Kim (‘22), who hails from Palo Alto, and is a regional boarding student. A stand-out in our Virtuoso Program, Joyce also keeps busy in many clubs, and enjoys weekend picnics around campus on weekends with friends.


Palo Alto
Why did you choose to attend San Domenico?

The Virtuoso Program was an opportunity that no other high school offered. When looking for a community-centered school where I would be able to pursue all my interests, San Domenico was the obvious choice.
What is a memorable project or class you've taken at SD, and why?
Myth and Meaning was a truly unique class. I was able to learn global religions, as well as their philosophies. Being in that class with Mr. L was enlightening and enjoyable.
Who is a SD teacher that has enriched your life, and how/why?
Ms. Ives, my mentor and AP Language and Composition teacher, has undoubtedly upgraded my high school experience. Her amazing empathy bleeds into her teaching style, where no student feels misheard or left behind. We have a "check-in" system in our mentor group, so Ms. Ives regularly asks about our lives to support us as much as possible. She is my greatest advocate and support at the school, and by far the coolest teacher.
What is your favorite annual event at SD?

I love our Lunar New Year celebration. Our whole campus is decorated beautifully, we attend interesting presentations, and the Boarding Program eats amazing Asian food as a feast.
What activities do you participate in at SD?

I am a part of the Virtuoso Program,  JSA, Digital Media Fellowship, DEI committee, National Honor Society, and SD representative in the Students of Color Committee for Diversity and Equity.
Do you have any hidden talents?

I love to song-write in my spare time!

What makes a “good day” at school?

My average day at school, given I'm not fatigued or stressed, is an overall good day! I love my classes, my teachers and all my peers - any day with them is full of laughter!

What is a favorite city you’ve visited, and why is it special to you?

My favorite city is Chicago! I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and I always remembered having an amazing time whenever I explored the Shedd Aquarium.

When do you feel joyful?

I feel joyful when I feel passionate about what I do! That's why I love being an upperclassmen, because I can personalize my classes to best fit me after exploring different fields during freshman and sophomore year.
What is your ideal weekend?

My ideal weekend is spent with friends without homework. Because our campus is so beautiful, my friends love to go on picnics and listen to good music.

What are your “trapped on a desert island” books or movies?

Most definitely, I would bring "The Intern", with Robert De Niro, and "About Time", with Rachel McAdams. Both are my feel-good movies that would help me forget I'm trapped on a desert island.

What academic accomplishments have filled you with pride?

I was ill during my freshman year, so my math teacher and I had worried if I could handle honor courses. After a sophomore semester of taking regular classes and demonstrating my passion and proficiency for math, I was accepted into the higher curriculum and remain in the advanced path today.

What personal accomplishments have filled you with pride?

Through the skills learnt by Kathy, our amazing counselor, I learned how to advocate for myself, thus becoming wise and stronger. Her support and honesty encouraged me to reach out and I am so grateful for her presence.