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San Domenico School News & Events

#FacesOfSD - Josh M.

We've got so many cool people in our SD community and we thought you'd like to get to know some of them. Follow along at #FacesOfSD. Here, meet Josh M., Class of 2019!

In what grade did you start at SD? I started last year as a freshman.

Where were you born? In San Francisco.

What is your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject is history because of the teacher and the topics we discuss.

What activities do you do here at San Domenico? And what stirred your interest to become involved in those activities? I play basketball, track, and soccer, partly because I enjoy those sports and
partly because some of my friends also play.

Which of our core values of Study, Reflection, Community, and Service is inspiring you the most this week and why? Study because it helps me focus in school.

After working hard in school all week, what is your ideal weekend? My ideal weekend is to go to open gym, go watch a high school basketball game, and watch some Netflix.

What are a few of your most significant personal accomplishments? Winning the MVP award for our basketball team!

What are a few of your most significant academic accomplishments? Getting into San Domenico and doing well my first year.

What is something memorable to you that happened last semester? Playing soccer with my buddies.

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