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San Domenico School News & Events

#FacesOfSD - Joanna Mueller


In order to share more of our amazing community here at SD, we offer this weekly #FacesOfSD to give you a chance to learn more about our faculty and staff. Today, we are thrilled to introduce Joanna Mueller, Middle School Eighth Grade United States History Teacher and Speech Team Coach.

Joanna is proud to have been born and raised in Michigan, where she grew up swimming, climbing sand dunes, and playing in the woods. After college, her spirit of adventure took her out of the Midwest and into Central and South America, where she taught and volunteered for several years. Joanna says that she has been fortunate enough to travel to many places and meet interesting people, many of whom she still calls friends. She and her husband now live in San Anselmo and love being part of the local community. When she’s not traveling or taking road trips, she loves reading and writing, hiking trails with her dog, exploring new places, and meeting new people.

Q. Full name?
A. Joanna Mueller

Q. Where were you born?
A. Grand Haven, Michigan

Q. Favorite word?
A. Love. It's what makes the world go round.

Q. What do you do here at San Domenico? And what is your favorite part of your job?
A. This is my first year at San Domenico, as the eighth Grade U.S. History teacher and Speech Team coach. My favorite part of the job is working with the eighth graders. They are inquisitive and energetic, and always keep me on my toes!

Q. Which Dominican value inspires you the most this week and why? (Study, Reflection, Community, or Service?)
A. With the start of this fresh new year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the value of Reflection. I try to model reflective practices in the classroom, and encourage my students to make reflection a part of their lives. We talk a lot about how being true to that process can lead to personal growth and transformation

Q. What are your plans for the weekend?
A. Well, this weekend I’ll be at Stanford, for a two-day Speech tournament! Otherwise, a Saturday might include a good book and plenty of coffee, some time spent in the great outdoors, and a visit with friends over a tasty dinner. I usually save my sleeping-in, record playing, and paper grading for Sunday.


Joanna, we are so grateful to have your exuberant spirit and inspired teaching in our SD community. From rafting, to rapping, to advising, you have jumped right in, and we thank you for all you do!