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San Domenico School News & Events

#FacesOfSD - Doree Clark


In order to share more of our amazing community here at SD, we offer this weekly #FacesOfSD to give you a chance to learn more about our faculty and staff. Today we are thrilled to introduce Doree Clark, Middle and Upper School Dance Teacher.

Doree was a child prodigy who partnered with her brother Jonathan to became a ballroom champion at age sixteen when the couple won the prestigious Harvest Moon Ball. This led to a guest appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, and thereafter, her own television dance series entitled Watch Your Step. Doree has since toured the world, produced television specials, and taught classes that attracted wildly dedicated students whose talent ranged from strictly beginner to the professional dancer. From this motley crew she founded The Don't Quit Your Day Job Dancers, a Bay Area phenomenon. We are grateful to have Doree on our SD team! Her answers to our Spotlight questions:

Q. Full name?

A. Doree Susanne Clark

Q. Where were you born? 

A. Bronx, New York

Q. Favorite word? 

A. Sorry I have 4: inspiration, kindness, generosity, integrity (all San Domenico values too!).

Q.What do you do here at San Domenico? And what is your favorite part of your job? 

A. I teach dance to the Middle School at San Domenico, and I work in collaboration with Erica Smith on the Middle School Musical. I also teach US Freshman dance. I love what I do especially at San Domenico. It was always my belief that when we educate our children it should have a heavy emphasis on character, leadership, and integrity. It should be inclusive and rich with both knowledge and wisdom. It should be mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, it should speak to all aspects of our existence, and it should focus on wholeness. This is all part of San Domenico's mission, which is to make great people who do great things in the world. It is supporting and growing bright and creative original thinkers, who can actually make the changes necessary for all of us, and our planet, to not just survive, but to thrive.

Q. Which Dominican value inspires you the most this week and why? (Study, Reflection, Community, or Service)

A. I am most inspired by the Dominican value of service. I find that it truly shapes an individual in ways that nothing else can. Stepping outside one's own little world, our own worries even our own successes to reach out towards others is  the most rewarding and uplifting thing I have ever experienced. These acts of random kindness and service toward others, stimulate love, joy, health, and happiness in ourselves and others.

Q.What is your ideal weekend?

A. It's funny, with each passing year certain things come into focus for me, that just were not as much in my awareness before. Family and friends mean a great deal to me. My perfect weekend is spending it with family or friends, going to a movie with my husband, reading a good book, walking my dog, and going for a swim. It's the small things that mean so much - sharing stories and experiences, or passing on knowledge, and watching students and loved ones become wonderful caring people is a miracle I will never get enough of!

Doree, from your talent as a teacher and choreographer to your inspiring energy and positive attitude, we are so grateful for you. Your commitment to creating joyful learning experiences for our students is unbounded and we can't wait to see the next Middle School musical! Thank you for all you do here at San Domenico.