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San Domenico School News & Events

#FacesOfSD - Camille J.

We've got so many cool people in our SD community and we thought you'd like to get to know some of them. Follow along at #FacesOfSD. Here, meet Camille J., Class of 2024!

  1. What grade are you in this year at SD? This year I am in the fifth grade at SD.
  2. What is your favorite food at SD? Pizza!
  3. What is your favorite place on campus? The field.
  4. What is your favorite annual event at SD? Day on the Green, with all the singing, games, and dancing.
  5. When you are older what would you like to do? I want to be a movie director.
  6. What are you joyful about? I am joyful that I get to go to a great school where I have tons of great friends.
  7. What do you dream about? I dream about becoming successful in life.
  8. What activities do you participate in at SD? Activities I participate in at SD include basketball, cross-country, and track.