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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: September 24, 2021


“What would you do if you won a million dollars?” Prefect Mali N. asked the people at our table during Monday’s Community Dinner.

Each Monday, we gather as a Boarding community to enjoy dinner together in the Dining Hall. We have assigned seating to get to know people from other floors and grades, a semi-formal dress code to match our more formal dinner, and Prefects and adults are dispersed throughout the tables to ensure communication and connection throughout the meal. Each week the Prefects help choose the menu, which is served family style. Epicurean creates a delicious meal, complete with tablecloths and decorations on every table. Upper School and all-school faculty and administrators are invited to join us for this special weekly meal. As we went around the table sharing how we’d save money for college, travel the world, or buy Mom a car, we learned something new about each other. Throughout the room, boarding students could be heard laughing, talking, and connecting with one another.

This week we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Students made mooncakes in Mercedes to share with everyone. This video shows their process and product. "As you may know, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It is a time for family members to congregate, admire the full moon, and eat mooncakes. The full moon is a symbol of reunion. The festival was later given a mythological flavor with legends of Chang-E, the beautiful lady in the moon palace. Now, many traditional and meaningful celebrations are held in countries throughout Asia. The main traditions and celebrations include eating mooncakes, having dinner with family, gazing at and worshipping the moon, and lighting lanterns." - ASA Club (Asian Students Association)

Mr. and Mrs. Churchill led a full moon hike on Sunday, leading a large group that was joined by two Upper School faculty members. Mary Churchill was thrilled to see so many of our students out enjoying nature, “We had the highest turnout ever for a hike with 50 hikers joining us! We enjoyed the sunset and views of the moon rising from the East. We had burritos at the top of Loma Alta and had great company with both Ms. Ives and Mr. High joining us for the expedition. We are looking forward to the next hike!”

This weekend we have trips to all the usual places: Red Hill, Vintage Oaks, The Village, and Fairfax. Mostly we look forward to spending time together in our beautiful home, riding bikes, taking walks, playing ping pong, going to Open Gym, roasting marshmallows, and preparing for the week ahead.