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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: Super Bowl & San Francisco

Dorm Student San Francisco Trip

For those of us who have been living and working in the dorms for many years, it's hard to imagine a time when we did not have Mercedes as our common space, considering how much we rely on it today. It serves as a gathering space after school for Day and Boarding students to enjoy snacks and unwind together after school, it's a place we can cook and bake together, watch movies, eat a meal, and play games in community. On Sunday we had a Superbowl party with food and drink and the game on the big screen. As Resident Faculty Aaron Brazelton noted,“It was a great time watching the game with residential faculty and both domestic and international boarders. Nothing like a little football to bring a community together!” Even though the outcome wasn't what many had hoped for, a good time was had by all.

On Saturday we took a full school bus to Union Square. Sophomore Kevin L shared that "It was fun hanging out with friends outside of school, and getting to see the City." Students spent a few hours shopping, eating lunch, and taking in the sights. We look forward to more trips with the school bus in the future.

This weekend we have many on-campus events, with the Tailgate Party and basketball games on Friday, as well as the Winter Formal in Domincan. On Sunday we have our Virtuoso Program's Winter Concert in HOTA at 3:00 pm. In addition to local Marin County trips upcoming this weekend, we will also travel to the newly renovated Snoopy's Home Ice for ice skating, visiting the Charles Schultz Museum, and warming up with some hot chocolate at the cafe.

All week we've enjoyed dressing up for the various Spirit Week themes: Pajama Day, Camo vs. Tie dye, Mentor Wars, Class Color, and White Out. Go Panthers!

- Sonya Evans, English Teacher, Resident Life Curriculum Coordinator

Dorm Student San Francisco Trip

Dorm Student San Francisco Trip