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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: November 19, 2021
Boarding students enjoying a crackling fire.

Preparing for breaks in the dorms requires a flurry of activity. In addition to completing assignments and preparing for assessments this week, we also have a lot of “housekeeping” - in the most literal sense - to complete before break begins. Each student must contribute to our community chores, making sure all of the recycling is complete and refrigerators are cleaned, as well as ensuring that all common spaces are tidy. Additionally, each room must be clean with trash and perishable items removed, beds made, and floors vacuumed. It is important for everyone to leave the dorms neat and clear so that they have an inviting space for their return. This year we have some students opting to stay in the dorms over break, and they will have a restful time with some outings and activities. 

Our students have contributed to our annual San Domenico food drive, bringing in cans of food, bags of rice and beans, and boxes of pasta to support our local food bank. We are pleased to see how our boarding students have embraced this tradition of helping to feed our community members in need of some support throughout the holidays. 

This week students engaged in a gratitude reflection, especially acknowledging their roommates, friends, and family as sources of support and encouragement in their lives. As Scoot ‘23 shared, “I’m grateful for my mother, for without her I wouldn’t be here!” 

While we acknowledge that not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, we hope that everyone has some time over the break to rest, relax, and recharge in preparation for the final push to complete the semester and prepare for winter break when we return. We wish safe travels to those traveling, and we look forward to seeing everyone when they return!

– Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher