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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: November 12, 2021
Boarding students studying

As we move toward Thanksgiving break, many of us in the dorms are thinking about gratitude. At a recent dorm meeting, we shared our gratitude for everything from our roommates to the rain to our sense of community in the dorms.

It is a particularly busy time of the year as college applications are due, some of the sports seasons are wrapping up, tech week leads to performance nights for the fall play, and throughout it all, there is a steady stream of schoolwork to manage as we head into the final weeks of the semester. 

We strive in the dorms to promote a healthy balance between work and play. While we see the weekends as a time for students to unwind by getting off campus, watching movies, cooking or baking, heading out for a bike ride or hike, or just catching up on sleep; we work hard to maintain time and space for students to study throughout the week.

Boarding students in study hall

Every weeknight we have Study Hall from 7:00-9:00. Freshmen go to the Library, while older students have the option to work in their rooms  or in the Mercedes Classroom with an Upper School teacher. The second half of Study Hall is a good time for peer tutoring or group work.

As one student expressed during our gratitude share in our dorm meeting, “We’re lucky to have so many people in the dorms who can help us with our homework.” Between teachers who are also Resident Faculty and neighbors who are also classmates or have already taken many of the classes, there is always someone to help. 

We encourage our boarding students to take advantage of this nightly opportunity to stay on top of their homework, to work ahead, and to get help from those around them when needed. It’s helpful to remember that there is free time after Study Hall, or time on the weekend to unwind. If we use our time productively, we can come closer to achieving that work/life balance that we all need. 

Boarding students studying

This weekend we are thrilled to congratulate our boarding students who are involved in our first live theatrical performance, Tom Stoppard’s On the Razzle, directed by Jen Grimes. Whether they are onstage or off, they’ve contributed to a great show! Additionally, we are also offering a trip to see the Novato Theater Company’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest. It’s exciting to be able to see live theatre again. We’ll also offer our regular trips off campus and will have plenty of fun on campus, as always!

-Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher