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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: May 21, 2021

We are officially wrapping up the year. With the seniors finishing their projects and preparing for Senior Transitions and Graduation next week, and all students working on their summative assessments in their classes, we’re preparing to say good-bye to a memorable year in San Domenico Boarding. It’s time to pack up and clean out, and that means sorting and donating clothes and belongings we no longer need. This process can be especially intense for seniors, who have to pack, clean, and move for the last time. Our school schedule supports this process well since they have now completed their coursework and are focusing on graduation activities. 

For our final weekend in Boarding, in addition to our off-campus trips, we’re also planning some fun on-campus activities. On Saturday we will have a photo booth in Mercedes courtyard to capture fun memories and souvenirs for our students. We’re also ordering pizza and Chipotle for dinner, followed by a sundae bar. After dinner, the prefects will organize field games followed by a movie in HOTA. It will be a fun last hurrah for us all.

As we prepare to say good-bye to this year, and a final farewell to our seniors, I asked all of them to share some of their experiences in Boarding and here’s what they had to say:

Caroline: My favorite memory was playing water polo in the pool with all of the boarding students at the beginning of the year when we were in the bubble.

Kara: I’m going to miss having Caroline next door for hugs whenever I need them.

Carys: I’m going to miss ordering yummy food.

Gemma: My favorite memory is having fun in the pool and getting to know people at the beginning of the year.

Sophia: I’m going to miss this small community and the RF’s that I’ve gotten to know over the past four years. 

Isa: I’m going to miss having picnics in the hills with my friends and hanging out here with everyone in the dorm bubble.

Stella: I’m going to miss the chocolate dipped strawberries, and having fun with everyone in the pool when it was open.

Anaya: My advice to future boarding students is to make as many friends as you can. We’re a small community so you can really talk to everyone. Even though it may feel intimidating as a freshman, it’s really nice to have a community of friends. And don’t forget to put water in your microwave macaroni and cheese! 

We’ll hear from our remaining eight seniors next week. 

Thank you, seniors, for helping to make this a great year for us all. We’ll miss you and we’re proud of your achievements. Congratulations SD Boarding Seniors!

          — Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher