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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: March 12, 2021

As spring blossoms erupt all over campus, it’s difficult to believe that a year ago many of our students were leaving campus to engage in Distance Learning at the start of the pandemic. Few of us were able to enjoy spring at San Domenico last year, so we’re especially grateful to see our full and vibrant campus this year.

Now that we are able to open up our campus for limited trips and family visits, our boarding students have been taking advantage of this welcome change in our routine. We’ve had trips to Target and Red Hill, which students have appreciated and families and guardians can visit on the weekends, following our safety protocols. These visits provide a welcome opportunity to spend time together. Recently, freshman Charlee’s family visited: “My Mom came to see me and we went to the Garden and we held a chicken. It was really amazing to see them.” While Charlee misses her family, she also appreciates many aspects of boarding life, “My favorite part of being in the dorms is the opportunity to know what college is going to be like, and to experience living on my own before that happens. I’ve also appreciated meeting new friends. I would never have met the people I know now if I weren’t living here.”

Last weekend the prefects organized an ambitious game of Capture the Flag, dividing the campus into sections for each dorm floor. Freshman Ella and her floor on E2 won the game, declaring, “We won by focusing on having fun instead of taking it too seriously. We had the best part of the campus - the Lower School campus. It was fun putting people in jail.”

Coach Mike Fulton and a crew of volunteers which included Ella, Frie, Zara, Paola, and Mai spent time weeding in the Rose Garden at Sister Gervaise’s request. Afterward Coach Fulton
took them for hamburgers at Gott’s Roadside. Thank you for your work, Coach Fulton and students!

This week I spoke with junior Kevin, who recently returned to campus almost a full year after he left.

When did you leave San Domenico?

I went home to be with my family on March 16. At the time, I thought I'd only be gone two weeks. I had no idea it would be almost a year later that I'd be returning.

How has it been being a distance learner all that time?

Being a Distance Learner was strange at first because it was all new to us but we all got used to it. Now it's different to be in person. It's not the same as being online. It's easier to contribute to the conversation when you’re in person, because online you always think, "Someone else will say something."

What has changed here since you’ve been gone?

There are a lot of new people. New students and a lot of new Resident Faculty. Some of the policies are different.

What did you miss most about being in the dorms?

My friends.100%. Just hanging out with friends.

Why did you choose to return to San Domenico at this time?

Good question. Because I didn't want to go a whole year without being at school, so I came home a week before it would have been a year. I’m glad to be back!

Welcome back, Kevin!

-Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher