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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: January 29, 2021

After a long month of break and a week of returns, we are settling back into our routines this week. While some students stayed at San Domenico throughout the break, most went home and returned before classes began last week. Additionally, we welcomed some new students as well as some students who weren't here for much or all of the first semester. It has been fun to see new and familiar faces filling the dorms again.

Since our return, we have regularly offered movies, open gyms, fires with s'mores, and even had a karaoke night! Mercedes is always busy with students watching games, playing chess, or cooking together. One of the highlights from the break was a trip that Resident Faculty Chad Sigler and Fan Huang offered to Pt. Reyes and Samuel P. Taylor Park to spend some time in nature. Chad said afterward that one of the highlights was seeing large salmon in the creek at Samuel P. Taylor. Senior Dora agreed: "Getting some fresh air in the forest and seeing a female salmon swimming in the creek were super exciting!” Junior Zara also enjoyed seeing Point Reyes: “ It was refreshing to go on a trip after staying on campus over break without my friends. I really enjoyed discovering the small towns of Marin, and especially seeing salmon in the stream.” We are looking forward to experiencing more of the natural beauty of Marin when the weather allows. Fortunately, we don't have to go too far with so much natural beauty on our own campus. And while we may not have any salmon, it's been wonderful to see our own creek on campus filling with water from the recent rain.

This week I interviewed Nora, who is a freshman from San Francisco.

Why did you choose to come to San Domenico?

Because of the beautiful campus. I did look at one other boarding school in the area but it wasn't in my “Top 3”, and the big difference was that there was so much more of a boarding community here and it was more integrated into the day community. And the dorms are part of the campus here. And they have a lot of cool activities here like fun co-curriculars and clubs.

What do you like best about being a boarder?

I like how it feels like a continuous thing from school. I like how we have this big community. When I went home from school I wouldn't see my friends. Now I come home and can continue to socialize. I like being in Mercedes and playing cards or roasting marshmallows.

Which classes do you particularly enjoy?

Right now I love English because I have Ms. Gallagher and she is really engaging and makes class really fun, and all of my friends are in it. I'm getting the most out of Global Studies because Ms. Ballard is teaching us a lot about points of view and bias.

What do you miss from home?

I miss my little brother who is 2, and since I'm going to boarding school and then to college, I won't get to see him much.

Welcome to San Domenico, Nora!

- Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher

NOTE: Now that we have returned to in-person learning, our boarding students are currently practicing a modified hybrid of a "bubble" or "pod" with their floors, while maintaining masks and distance from those living on other floors in common spaces and outdoors. Students and Resident Faculty are working together to keep our Boarding and broader school community as safe as possible. While the rules and procedures are too extensive to list here, please know that students appearing in photos are safely interacting with their peers according to the updated guidelines, based on current Marin Public Health protocols. All students are tested bi-weekly and all Resident Faculty and their on-campus families follow additional safety measures and are tested monthly.