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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: Holiday Festivities and Finals Prep

Last weekend in the dorms we had fun celebrating our many holiday traditions at San Domenico. On Friday, December 6th, our students performed in San Domenico's 113th Tableaux, depicting the Nativity inspired by the paintings of Dominican artist Fra Angelico. Many of our students sang in the performance as part of San Domenico Singers, and others performed on stage in various roles, including our own Milo Wetherall, who was chosen by his classmates to depict the part of Joseph. As always it was beautiful and moving. Keeping the spirit of the season alive, a group of students led by Aaron Brazelton, aka "Mr. B", decorated Mercedes with a Christmas tree, door decorations, lights, and a Hanukkah menorah. Mr. B and Molly Morris played Christmas music while the students baked cookies and decorated. As Molly shared, "It was a really fun afternoon! Aaron created a fun day for a lot of people."

This weekend, as we head into finals, we begin our "23 Hours of Quiet" in the dorms. Of course, we still have 120 students, so it's not "that" quiet, but we do try to create an environment for the students that is conducive to study and otherwise preparing for the end of the semester and the closing of the dorms for the break. We keep off-campus trips to a minimum, focusing on a few short, local trips to Red Hill for study snacks and supplies, as well as San Anselmo or Fairfax for a change of scenery or a cup of coffee or dinner. We will open the Library on Campus for those who want a quieter environment. During our "Hour of Noise," from 9:00-10:00 each night, we will have snacks and activities in Mercedes, and perhaps a fire with s'mores, weather permitting.

Good luck to all of our students. We know your hard work will pay off next week as you enter your finals well-prepared.

- Sonya Evans, Upper School English and ELL Teacher, Resident Faculty