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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: February 5, 2021

We've had another fun and productive week in the dorms! On Friday, we baked Mexican wedding cookies by special request, while students played a rousing game of Taboo using "Mercedes" rules. The cookies were delicious and everyone had a great time. We've made a few runs for fast food so students can take a drive off campus and enjoy the sights. Last weekend's karaoke party was a big success, with many students joining to sing or cheer on their friends.

Each week we are making full use of our expansive campus, opening the Gym, Weight Room, HOTA music practice rooms and art room. The field activity is at an all-time high.. We're looking forward to the day our new pool will also be available. We have a lot to be grateful for in living on such a large and beautiful campus with so many opportunities for fun and enrichment.

This week we learn more about Katie Drake, a member of our Resident Faculty team since 2020.

Where are you from?

England. I was born in London, within the sound of Bow Bells, making me a trueborn Cockney. I don't sound like a Cockney though because I grew up in the North of England. I became a US Citizen after Obama was elected for his second term and I've been here for 20 years. I had originally planned on coming for just two years! I was recruited by The Gap to work here.

What brought you to San Domenico?

I wanted an experience working with teens, because I have emerging teens at home, and I work with elementary students.I enjoy getting involved in supporting the students on a daily basis.
Where did you work before coming to San Domenico?

Ross Valley School District, and I used to be an Art Director at the Gap in San Francisco doing graphic design and working in marketing.

What do you like best about being a Resident Faculty member at San Domenico?

I like working with the students and seeing them emerging as young adults. It's a beautiful campus and I live locally, so it's a good fit. I like how it doesn't feel like work here. It feels comfortable and familiar and I look forward to coming here.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love hiking the trails of Marin. There are so many choices you never have to repeat a trail and you can make it as long or short as you like. My kids keep me busy. I like reading, drawing, card games, and board games.
What are you looking forward to this semester and coming year?

Mingling in a mask-free environment. Seeing the students have more freedom to resume their normal activities as we move out of the pandemic as restrictions are lifted.

What has been your favorite activity?

I like taking the students off campus on trips. I'm looking forward to doing more!

Thank you for all you contribute to San Domenico Boarding, Katie! We're glad you are a part of our community.

- Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher

NOTE: Now that we have returned to in-person learning, our boarding students are currently practicing a modified hybrid of a "bubble" or "pod" with their floors, while maintaining masks from those living on other floors in common spaces and outdoors. Students and Resident Faculty are working together to keep our Boarding and broader school community as safe as possible. While the rules and procedures are too extensive to list here, please know that students appearing in photos are safely interacting with their peers according to updated guidelines. All students are tested weekly and all Resident Faculty and their on-campus families follow additional safety measures and are tested monthly.