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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: February 19, 2021
View of the Golden Gate Bridge

Last weekend, we celebrated Lunar New Year with a special dinner of take out Chinese food. Epicurean heated and served a delicious meal from The China Palace in Novato. We enjoyed sweet and sour soup, chicken chow mein, beef and broccoli, spicy shrimp, Chinese eggplant, rice, and of course, fortune cookies. It was a yummy meal!

On Friday, Director of Residential Life Kali Baird took students from the East 2 Dorm on a trip to view the Golden Gate Bridge. Sophomore Paola appreciated spending time off campus with members of her floor, "I liked how we were all together on our floor. We're very close because we all live together and have gotten to know each other really well. It was also nice to get off campus and the view was beautiful." On Saturday, Resident Faculty Yoel Iskindir took students into the City for a driving tour of the Lunar New Year decorations in Chinatown. Over the weekend, we also had several trips for food, again with students remaining safely in the vans while Resident Faculty picked up their orders. We enjoy seeing the beauty of Marin from the comfort of our own fleet of SD Tour Vans. We all appreciated the day off on Monday, and spent the day relaxing, catching up on work, and hanging out together in Mercedes.

While we have focused on our COVID safety this year, we continue to work diligently as a school on our emergency preparedness. Several of our boarders volunteered to help Resident Faculty and Emergency Preparedness team member Julie Lanzarin by restocking and distributing our red "go bag" backpacks, which are located in each classroom and contain emergency supplies. Thanks to the hard work of Alex, Mali, Aidan, and Joyce, all teachers were able to bring their newly stocked bags out to the field for our successful all-School fire drill this Thursday. Thanks to Julie and her helpers for doing their part to keep us safe!

We're looking forward to another fun weekend in boarding with the usual barbecues, movies, games, cooking, fireside s'mores, and the many facilities and outdoor areas our campus provides.