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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: February 12, 2021

With fall and winter holidays coming in quick succession, and most weeks punctuated by birthdays, it feels like we're always celebrating something in the dorms! Last weekend we celebrated Super Bowl weekend by watching the game together in Mercedes. Resident Facutly Deanna Bruton organized snacks and we enjoyed sliders, mini hot dogs, nachos, cookies, and sausages and hamburgers grilled by Resident Faculty Lenny Baird. We appreciate being able to spend time together in community, experiencing the "normal" things that we would any other year. Thank you Deanna and Lenny for all of the good food!

Now we are preparing for Lunar New Year, which is generally celebrated over many weeks, with this Friday being the highlight. Lunar New Year is an important holiday for many of our students, a time when families gather to share special meals and spend time together. As with any holiday, it can be a difficult time to be away from home. Each year we strive to honor Lunar New Year by decorating the Upper School and the dorms, and by sharing a special meal. While we realize we cannot replace time with family and friends, we do our best to create a space to celebrate Lunar New Year. As in years past, this year we are ordering take-out Chinese food for the dorms and will enjoy it together.

I sat down with senior Prefect Dora, and sophomores Scoot and Cici to learn a little more about Lunar New Year and what it means to them.

What is Lunar New Year?

Dora: It's the New Year in the Lunar Calendar. It's a time when all family members can be together.

How do you typically celebrate at home?

Dora: In China, we have a live TV show with skits and dancing and singing and everyone watches it. We have special meals together and there are fireworks in the country. Fireworks are not allowed in the cities.

What types of foods do you typically eat during Lunar New Year?

Dora: It depends on where you live, but dumplings are a big part of it. For my family, we live by the sea so we would have fish and seafood and rice cakes.

Scoot: We would have dumplings, and Beijing roast duck.

Cici: We have a big meal, which we order from a restaurant.

What is it like to be in China during Lunar New Year?

Dora: It lasts about half a month. There are fireworks and everyone stays up all night.

Scoot: We have a saying that if you stay awake longer you will live longer.

Dora: It's really loud in the streets because everyone is doing fireworks, especially in the country. On the 15th day, which is typically the last day of the spring festival, people usually eat sweet rice dumplings.

What will you miss most this year being away from home for Lunar New Year?

Dora: I will miss being with my extended family, my parents, grandparents, and their siblings. Our parents and grandparents play Mahjong.

Scoot: Me too, I really miss my Grandma.

Cici: My family lives close by and I have been here for four years, so we've been celebrating here. I miss celebrating in China with my grandparents in our hometown. Many relatives come to our house and we get red envelopes with money.

Happy Lunar New Year to all of our students who celebrate - near and far!

- Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher