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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: April 16, 2021

Last weekend was busy with many students returning to campus after a spring break and a week of distance learning. This week we headed back to the classrooms and a return to our routines. Our Varsity Badminton team, which includes many Boarding students, won their first two matches under the leadership of Resident Faculty (RF) and Coach Julie Lanzarin. “Our drills really paid off,” Julie explained, “they become second nature to the players and allow them to respond in the moment without having to think about what to do next. It’s gratifying when they experience the benefit of all of our hard work.” Congratulations, Badminton Team!

This weekend we have hiking trips off campus planned, and a shopping trip to Corte Madera, among other trips and activities.

For my weekly interview series, this week I had the opportunity to talk with Lariza Benavides, our All-School Certified Nurse Assistant and on-campus Resident Faculty member, who joined our SD community this year.

What brought you to San Domenico?

RF Alexis Gerlach recommended the position to me. She really enjoyed working here and knew that it would be a good fit for me. I enjoy my work in Health Services as well as in the Boarding Program and both positions fit well together.

What is your background in the medical field?

I have an AA in Biology and a BA in Human Development and a Nursing Assistant Certificate from U.C. Davis. Before coming to San Domenico, I worked at a Rehabilitation Center.

What does a typical day look like for you in Health Services?

In the mornings we do our rounds in the dorms, doing temperature checks, checking in on any students who don’t feel well, administering medication, and so on. Throughout the rest of the day we mostly work with day students, treating them throughout campus. We see a lot of skinned knees and minor injuries. Every day is different, and I like the variety in that.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like connecting with all of the students. I get to know the boarding students in two capacities, both in Health Services and in Boarding, and that helps me to really know who they are.

What has been the greatest challenge this year?

We have a lot of important policies and procedures to maintain. We provide a lot of fun activities, and there are certain things we just can’t do right now in order to keep the community safe.

Speaking of fun activities, what has been your favorite activity of the year?

Yoel [Iskindir, RF and Film teahcer] had a Karaoke Night that was really fun. A lot of kids came out to participate and they were singing and performing. Then, Lukas, Vule, and Aleksa sang their national anthem from Serbia! There is a lot of diversity represented, with people from around the world, and it was really fun.

Thank you, Lariza, for all that you contribute to the health and well-being of our boarding students!

- Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher