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San Domenico School News & Events

Dorm News: September 10, 2021

Every year after Labor Day, we notice a shift in the Dorms. The initial buzz of activity as students move in, meet one another, or reunite with old friends begins to mellow as we settle into our living spaces and our routines. Homework begins to pick up as our classes move from introductions to core content. We support those shifts in the Dorms by providing quiet study time each weeknight where students work on homework, class projects, and study for upcoming exams.

Students officially began formal Study Hall in the dorms this week, with freshmen going to the Library on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors have the option to study in a classroom near Mercedes for Study Hall Plus, or in their rooms with an open door.

This year, resident faculty who teach in the Upper School are proctoring Study Hall Plus in order to be available to help students with homework in their various disciplines. We are impressed with how well students followed our guidelines and used their time quietly and productively this week. The students enjoy having the option of a quiet space to study. As boarding student Meilani remarked, “I like to go to Study Hall Plus to study quietly because I know I won’t be as productive in my room. I also like to be there with my friends - even if we’re not talking, it’s just nice to be together while we study.”

This week we also rolled out our new system for infractions, and while that might not sound so exciting, we’re all looking forward to having greater clarity and increased awareness around our policies and procedures. The resident Faculty worked hard this summer to create a system that is clearly defined, fair, and most importantly creates a safe learning environment for our entire community. Students Amahji and Sarah reflected, “It sounds fair and we know it’s there to keep us safe. It’s good to know what to expect. No one wants to get in trouble, but it’s much better to know ahead of time what the consequences will be.”

Last week we enjoyed Labor Day weekend by relaxing on campus, going shopping at various malls and stores, and watching Shakespeare in the Park in Mill Valley. We returned to school on Tuesday well-rested and ready to face the week ahead. We’re looking forward to another great weekend full of rest, study, barbecues, fireside bonding, games, Open Gyms, and time spent together in this beautiful community.

 - Sonya Evans, Resident Faculty and Upper School English Teacher