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San Domenico School News & Events

DEIJ on Campus
Students participating in:  Unity Day, Service Project, Food Drive


When San Domenico School was founded in 1850 as a school for girls, it established itself as an institution that faced the challenges of the times and rose to meet the needs of the community. Now in our 171st year, we continue to dedicate ourselves to rising to the challenges of our community and of our world.

Focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), I write to share what we are doing on campus and invite you to expand your horizons. There is so much to share—from the classroom to co-curricular activities—about ways in which our students’ horizons are continually expanded while given opportunities for genuine engagement and connection.

The term DEI is a “new” way to categorize and clarify aspects of the School, environment, programming, and curricula that are, and have been, a part of San Domenico’s history and are interwoven within all that we do. DEI is often expanded to DEIJ, with the “J” representing Justice. 

If our School’s history is a tapestry, DEIJ are several of the threads that make up the tapestry. We are doing the work, rising to the challenges of the times, preparing our students for the world, and strengthening those threads - we are stronger together!

Much of the DEIJ programming is intentionally integrated within our comprehensive Social Emotional Learning programming and builds upon our long-standing foundation in social justice. It is also integrated/interwoven within academic programming.


Lower School

  • Responsive Classroom with Morning Meeting and Quiet Time
  • Mindfulness lessons with daily practice
  • Readers and Writers’ Workshop

“In Morning Meeting, we sometimes share things that are hard in our life and when you do other people help you and it really helps you get past those things.” - Varun, 4th Grade

Middle School

  • Biweekly advisory meetings with counselors
  • 8th Grade Capstone Project
  • Responsive Classroom with student-centered lessons, collaborative classwork, and facilitated reflection

“For my capstone project, I am volunteering at Giant Steps to teach disabled children how to horseback ride. I am excited to help kids who struggle with a disability feel more capable. Although I do not struggle as much as the kids I will be working with, I know what it feels like to feel different even if it is on a much smaller scale in my case.” - Alida, 8th Grade

Upper School

  • Project Wayfinder focuses on developing a sense of purpose
  • Social Justice/ ROSE Project as a means of applying that purpose
  • Human Development Class supports continuing development of executive functioning and social-emotional skills

“Being in Project Wayfinder was extremely insightful. I learned a lot about my purpose in high school and the class helped me realize the different enriching paths there are for me to take in the future.” - Stanley, 11th Grade


As a school that embraces a growth mindset, we are always reviewing the curriculum and making changes to reflect new materials available, methods of teaching, and even grading. For example, we have been and continue to expand representation in social studies, books read, and books made available in our libraries to include more racial and gender diversity. 

If you would like to learn more about DEIJ, please join me for the “10 Minute Book Challenge” that will be starting in January 2022! There will be several titles offered and we will have Zoom and in-person book chats.

Warm regards,

Kali Baird
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Students participating in Unity Day and Food Drive