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San Domenico School News & Events

Class of 2020 College News Part III

Dear San Domenico Community Members,

Continuing our college updates, we are pleased to share the below highlights from students who opted to share their journeys with the SD community. We encourage you to also take a few moments to read through our Week One and Week Two college letters to view additional senior profiles.

Our continued appreciation for, and congratulations to, all of our seniors!


Melissa Martin
Co-Director of College Counseling
Katie May
Co-Director of College Counseling



Amiel Williams - Smith College

Julia Walden - Wake Forest University

Charlie McPhail - Gonzaga University

Eli Mandelbrot - UCLA

Kaisa Lee - Carnegie Mellon University

Isa Lee - Washington University in St. Louis

Holly Eberhard - University of California - Davis

Sam Dorfman - Carnegie Mellon University