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San Domenico School News & Events

Celebrating International Peace Day
Students at the Peace Pole ceremony

Reflection—one of our four core values at San Domenico—often comes up when asked what makes San Domenico unique. Our commitment to reflection is key to providing every student with an exceptional education and a sense of purpose. Reflection does not exist in a vacuum, but rather is brought on by study and, in turn, inspires service. It is not merely an aspiration, but an ongoing practice for us as individuals and together as a community.
These thoughts were foremost as we held our annual Peace Day ceremonies on campus. Students in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools participated in a tradition that reaches as far back as 1981 at San Domenico. We honored International Peace Day by gathering around the Peace Pole and taking a moment to reflect on the experiences of people throughout the world. Sometimes we are stirred by the similarities we share with humans across the globe; other times we become more conscious of disparities that we can all sometimes take for granted.
Led by our Director of Philosophy, Ethics, and World Religions, Mirza Khan, our current tradition includes the addition each year of a new language panel to the Peace Pole, sharing words of peace across cultures. In recent years, we have added panels in Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic. This year, our Second Graders placed a new panel in the Afghan language of Pashto. Students spoke to the assembled community, dedicating this year’s Peace Day to refugees from Afghanistan and elsewhere, people across the world in need of a home, in need of peace. 
We take this opportunity to share Upper School Social Justice teacher Morgan Bell's personal reflection she penned for the event:
We have a duty to help refugees rebuild their lives.
We heal together when we all get the care we need.
We learn together when we are all given the chance to study.
We shine together when we play as a team and respect everyone.
We are all refugees.
We all seek security, shelter, and a home.
We all seek to be accepted.
To be loved.
To be valued.
To belong.
As Morgan’s words so aptly allude, reflecting on the world around us isn’t the end goal. We have a duty to make an impact in the world around us - to turn that reflection into service. When we reflect together as a community, we experience a shared understanding of self, the world around us, and how we can bring about change. 

Cecily Stock '77, M.A., J.D.
Head of School