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San Domenico School News & Events

Celebrating Earth Day Through Art and Language

Earth Day(地球日 Dì qiú rì) is celebrated in a lot of small ways every day on campus. Recently, our Director of Sustainability, Shelley Flint, procured a pomegranate tree, and students from Sixth and Seventh Grade wrote their wishes to Mother Earth to honor the tree planting. One student wrote “I wish all of us would use less plastic items and fight global warming together.” Another student wrote, “I wish our vegetables and fruit will grow well, and when we come back in the fall, we will be able to harvest them and learn how to use them to cook.” We then planted the tree to help fertilize the tree roots to strengthen over time.

Several students from the Mandrain class worked in the Garden on a rock painting project. The rocks were embellished with images and Chinese characters  that represent parts of our Mother Earth. The characters were included 日( rì sun),水 (shuǐ water),木 (mù tree),月 (yuè moon),鹿 (lù Deer). Students then left the rocks next to the fruit tree to pay homage to this time in our lives where connection to the Earth is so important.

Art Teacher Sally Houston worked on Chinese brush paintings with Seventh Graders in the garden. Students learned a little more about Mandrain and Chinese characters to connect to their new unit on Asian Art. All of the students learned about the Chinese picture graph characters (象形文字 xiàng xíng wén zì) actually drawn from looking at the natural world. The pictograph characters were used to help make that connection between our experiences and how we can do small things everyday to help the environment. Both groups of students had fun learning about pronouncing, reading, and writing characters, and painting at the garden.

This project was one example of how SD faculty fluidly work on fun activities together, and find opportunities to help our students to build self awareness to take care of themselves, our community, and our earth.

Here are some photos of the day in the Garden.

- Shu-Chen Lin 林淑貞, K-12 Mandarin Teacher,
with Sally Houston, Art Teacher, and Shelley Flint, Director of Sustainability