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San Domenico School News & Events

Alumni Spotlight: Milo Wetherall '20, University of St. Andrews

Milo Wetherall, matriculating to University of St. Andrews

As our outgoing Student Body President, Milo leaves our community having made a vast impact. He felt equally as strongly about his experience at SD. “San Domenico has been the perfect college preparatory experience. The holistic education model has taught me so much inside and outside of the classroom. I was able to deepen my love of history and government intense courses as well as enriching extracurriculars. Courses like AP United States History and Issues in American Democracy deepened my understanding of history, government and politics. I used the knowledge and skills in these courses to be a successful debater at Junior State of America and Model United Nations Conventions across California and in Washington, D.C.” Milo has also been active as a Prefect in our dorms and has been a dedicated Climate Activist beyond our school community. He is also the Class of 2020 recipient of San Domenico’s Veritas Award - awarded to the student who, through a spirit of loyalty and duty, has contributed generously to San Domenico through study, friendship, and giving of self.

Milo will matriculate to University of St. Andrews in Scotland this fall to study History and International Relations. “St Andrews is the perfect size and environment for me. The spirit of traditions, which include academic families, the wearing of academic red gowns, and the May Dip, contribute to a lively and historic student experience. As a history student, I love the idea of being able to debate in a Debate Society founded during the Presidency of George Washington. I am excited to be studying in Britain alongside students from all over the globe. St Andrews has one of the largest libraries of any university in the United Kingdom. I will be able to access these archives and deepen my love of history!”