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San Domenico School News & Events

Alumni Spotlight: Joe Boswell Middle School Class of '98

The number of proud alumni in attendance at our 50th Anniversary Celebration in September was truly inspirational. One such alum we were honored to host was Middle School graduate Joe Boswell ’98. These days Joe is busy as the founder of Vocate, an online career services platform, creating meaningful connections between students and employers through curated internships and entry-level talent matches. Since graduating from Dartmouth College, Joe has achieved other noteworthy accomplishments which include working for his family’s wine barrel business, The Boswell Company, and holding the position of First Assistant to First Lady Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff.

For his successes, Joe credits San Domenico as the initial stepping stone to the journey he’s had thus far. After San Domenico, he attended St. Ignatius College Preparatory in San Francisco, and then Dartmouth where he studied Government. Of how SD prepared him for college, Joe says, “San Domenico is a strong community and it has a strong imprint on the person you become. In its own way, San Domenico was like attending a college. The campus alone rivals most college campuses. San Domenico gave me a strong base, and to those to whom much is given, much is expected.”

Joe’s presence at our Anniversary Party represents the impact that all SD alums, across generations and school levels, have on the spirit of San Domenico today.  Graduates from the Middle School through the Upper School have bestowed a wide influence on the rich history of San Domenico, and that relationship is mutual. “San Domenico was and is important to me; San Domenico is a family. My sisters and brothers attended; our family went to San Domenico for a cumulative 40 years. The School is woven into the fabric of who we are.”   

The occasion of our celebratory anniversary year has reignited the ongoing search for alumni to share their favorite memories with School Ties magazine. When we asked Joe to narrow his down, he stated, “I have so many beautiful San Domenico memories. It’s really hard to choose (just a few) from ten incredibly formative years.” After a pause, “I loved that we had science class in the creek with Sister Maria!” Joe said.

Thank you for joining us at the Anniversary Party, Joe. We are so glad you were there, and thrilled that your presence enabled us to capture this 2016 reunion moment between you and Sister Maria!