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San Domenico School News & Events

A Student Reflection on "Noises Off"

Noises Off

Congratulations, cast of "Noises Off"! This chaotic play-within-a-play was brought to life by nine talented SD high schoolers. Michael Frayn’s farce recounts the misadventures of the cast of "Nothing On," as they strive to perform their play, navigate complicated relationships, and remember the sardines!

Senior Helena Bland portrays the eccentric Dotty, who is playing housekeeper Mrs. Clackett. Her slow-witted but compassionate character stole the show and kept her audience in stitches. Much to the distress of director Lloyd (played by talented freshman Ari Goldberg), Ninth grade Gael Taylor as Selsdon, the burglar, burst through the window at all the wrong moments as Gary (Zi Zamorano, Ninth) attempted to seduce the wayward model Brooke (Ava Goldman,  Ninth). Freshman Leili Montakhab’s skittish character Poppy, assistant stage manager, tried to assist the theatrical chaos, but rubbed salt in the wound by further complicating Lloyd’s dating life. The poor house hunting couple Fredrick (Wyatt Tithof, Tenth) and Belinda’s (Josie Goodman, Twelfth) search came to a halt when Tim (Holly Eberhard, Eleventh) crashed through the window in a burglar costume to cover for Selsdon’s missed entrance.

The production closes as a delightful train wreck saved by wedding bells when Poppy and Brooke appear onstage in white sheets. Amazing job cast, crew, and Jen Grimes!

- Miranda Leane '22, SD Digital Media Fellow